Time For An Update #AVI3O #ENG1D #NBV3E

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a great week. It’s been fun catching up with the #GCHSInIceland crew as they explore the country of Iceland. You can check out some great pictures on GCHS.ca of the group.

Meanwhile, things have been moving along nicely in classes. Here’s an update of what’s happening and what’s to come:

AVI3O Grade 11 Art students are finishing their sculpture unit. Students are working in a variety of media including clay, plaster, and wire. Some students are doing more than one piece in multiple media, which is really cool. Here’s an updated gallery with some of the works:

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Next up, students will spend some more time with art history, (group research projects!) before exploring etching and print-making. We are pumped!

ENG1D Grade 9 English students are working on their Poetry Books. The class has been fairly quiet as five students are out of the country. Those here have taken advantage of the week to get stuff done. I’m looking forward to sharing the poems.

We will begin a comprehensive study of William Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” next, and this will be challenging for the class. Wish us luck!

NBV3E Grade 11 Aboriginal Beliefs and Values students are very much into Tomson Highway’s “The Rez Sisters”. Students are really starting to dig the characterization and the messages of the play. We will continue this for the next week or so. We are also talking a little bit about land claim issues and life on reserves.

Midterm marks were received by most students this week. If you have any questions or concerns about marks or student progress, please let me know. Remember that the 12:05PM Activity Period is most often available as a time to get caught up on outstanding work.

Thanks and enjoy the week!

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