The Weekly #ENG1D #ENG4C #NBV3E Update!

Welcome! Last week’s Friday snow day hopefully meant that students were able to catch some rest and the hockey domination of the Canadian Olympic Team. Now, another week of class.
ENG1D students are focusing on short stories. This week they will work on writing a revised ending to the story “Priscilla and the Wimps”. They will use characterization, dialogue, and description to show their stuff.
ENG4C students are beginning a study of the novel Crow Lake. This novel focuses on a family overcoming tragedy and growing up.
NBv3E students are finishing off the Identity unit. Some important topics such as family and residential schools will be the focus of this week.

Updates for assignments and lessons can be found through the menu above. Additions are made often.


In two weeks, it is March Break and we will all have our feet up. Use the time wisely between now and then to get stuff done! Have a good week.

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