Mid-October Musings: #ENG3U #ALC1O #ENG2P

Alright, so it’s past the middle of October already. Insane. Time flies. In a month it will already be the middle of the semester. I did a big mark update today and there are a number of students who are falling seriously behind. I will be touching base with parents/guardians and making arrangements for students to try and come in and get caught up. Here’s hoping it works… time will be of the essence!

Here’s our weekly update…


ENG3U Grade 11 English students are wrapping up Frankenstein this week. Students will spend Monday studying the final group of chapters. A literary essay will be assigned on Tuesday, and the unit test is scheduled for this Thursday. Next up: Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”!

ALC1O Grade 9 Visual Arts students will finish their reduction prints this week. This will likely take 2-3 classes. So far, the work has been awesome. I appreciate how much students got into the work. I will definitely post pictures of the completed assignments. Students are also working on a smaller “Personal Shield” assignment. I will be away on Thursday so students will have a chance to finish it off then. Next we’ll be experimenting with clay and sculpture!

ENG2P Grade 10 English has started Lord of the Flies and it’s been a bit of a slow process. Students spent the first few classes talking about setting, characters, and an overview of the novel. We’ll continue forward this week with the novel’s chapters and studying the meaning within the chapters. Students will continue doing reading and writing assignments.

This week is a short week as Friday is a Professional Activity day for staff at GCHS. This means there are THREE DAYS for students who have fallen behind to get caught up. Midterms are right around the corner – make your time count!

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