End of the First Week – #AVI3O #ENG1D #NBV3E

Wow. What an awesome first week. So many awesome students. It’s going to be a great semester.

In AVI3O – Grade 11 Art we spent the first week working on an introductory acrylic painting assignment that introduces students to elements of colour, line, shape, and space. Students have a whole mix of artistic background in the class and all of the assignments are coming together nicely. We’ll take another day or two next week to wrap things up before moving on to looking at value and colour theory a little closer. Then: shading and drawing techniques.

In ENG1D – Grade 9 English we have spent some time focusing on paragraphs and writing. Students have also set up individual WordPress Blogs, which are accessible by clicking on the ‘Student Sites’ link on the menu. Check them out! Also, thanks to Mr. Griffin for allowing us to use his class set of laptops. Should make for some good opportunities this semester. I’m psyched.



Finally, NBV3E – Grade 11 Aboriginal Beliefs is shaping up to be pretty stellar this semester. I had a meeting with some folks from the Thunderbird Friendship Centre yesterday to discuss some learning opportunities for later in the Spring. Should be great. In the meantime, we’ve been talking about IDENTITY as an opener for the course. Today, students spent some time answering these questions: 

  1. What factors influence the way a person views the world?
  2. What challenges do First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples face in reclaiming and renewing their traditions and beliefs?
  3. Why is the world the way it is? (Think of both the good and the bad)
  4. What is the right way to behave?
  5. How do you relate to other people and the world around you?

The class came up with some really cool answers:

We will continue on the topic of IDENTITY next week!

Thanks to all students for a great first week. If you have any questions or concerns about class, let me know! 🙂

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