Presenting Printmaking in #ALC1O

Wait, it’s November already? Whaaaat? It’s already almost the halfway point through the semester – and the end of one quarter of another school year. Time flies when you’re having fun… and really, I am having a ton of fun.


Meanwhile, this is the last week for this crop of ALC1O – Grade 9 Art students. Next week they will migrate to drama and I’ll start all over with another group of grade 9 students. We are finishing up our Relief Printmaking unit. Students are absolutely loving it and now that the results are coming through, a few are heading back to the drawing board to make changes. Here are a couple of shots:

Students mix various inks to create vibrant colours for their lino blocks.
The orange print is a proof, where the artist ensures his or her lines are cut deep enough. The student is now experimenting with some red ink on their block.
Sometimes the simple contrast of black on white makes for a stunning print.

I will keep adding pictures as more students complete their work. We only have three days left! Remember, Friday is a PD Day. Students will also be getting midterm reports finalized in the next few weeks. Have a good one!

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