Two Weeks In! #ENG3U #ENG4C #ENG4U

We are two weeks into the second semester already! As promised, the second semester always flies by faster than anyone can anticipate. With all senior classes this semester, I think it’s fair to say that my students certainly did not anticipate how much of a blur things would be this month.

I need to take some time to thank my students. This week was a bit strenuous as Mrs. Wilson and I dealt with a baby-related health scare. Anyway, each class was awesome in my absence, very understanding, and very patient as I get things back on track.

Self-assessing my reading skills while I wait in a hospital room

Each class is at the tail-end of their first unit, (all classes have been focusing on essay writing) and completing culminating tasks. These include unit tests and longer argumentative essays on an important topic of their choice. Students will wrap these up after the long weekend as we begin the second unit in each class:

ENG3U Grade 11 English will begin studying Frankenstein, the Gothic horror novel that investigates themes of life’s purpose, blind ambition, and consequences of our actions. Many students have already read most of the novel, and I’m excited about the discussions we will have in class.

ENG4C Grade 12 College English students will explore Mary Lawson’s Crow Lake, a novel about tragedy and the strength of families. It’s a great story set in a small Canadian town and follows four children who come-of-age after dealing with a horrific event.

ENG4U Grade 12 University English will jitterbug their way into the lavish world of The Great Gatsby, where the American Dream becomes the focus amid a bit of a love triangle. It’s a great story, (and the Leonardo DiCaprio/Tobey Maguire film version is pretty sweet, too).

It’s almost long weekend time, so enjoy a few days of relaxation, essay writing, and reading. Remember to email me if you have questions or need assistance!

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