Your Weekly #ENG3U #ENG4C #ENG4U Update

Hello, everyone! Here’s hoping everyone’s been great. Things in class are moving along nicely as we move into the month of May. Most students have been doing a phenomenal job of catching up on assignments, collaborating with others, developing skills, and improving their learning. It’s been so good!

ENG3U Grade 11 University English is working towards finishing Macbeth. I have been so impressed with the group work in this class as students collaborate to build an understanding of Shakespeare’s language. Our focus has been on the meaning of the play and then translating that into understanding emotions, movement, and other elements of a theatrical production. This has translated into co-creating success criteria for a presentation of a scene. As students complete the play they will have a performance-based culminating activity. I’m excited!


ENG4C Grade 12 College English students have just completed their Business English culminating task. This involved writing a report using the perspective of a consultant hired to improve learning and life at GCHS. Students worked together to develop ideas, refine formatting, and create great-looking reports. They are now working on a Short Story Visual Project, which I’m looking forward to sharing. Next up will be Animal Farm!

ENG4U Grade 12 University English has just finished Ishmael. Our culminating task is a short literary essay. This essay is important as it provides practice and feedback that leads into the Independent Study Unit. Students will use the discussions, questions, and seminars we conducted for the novel as a basis for formulating their thoughts in the essay.


Thanks again to students who have been working hard to improve their success in class. You guys are all fantastic – and the end is in sight! 🙂


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