Fare Thee Well, #ENG3U #ENG4C #ENG4U

It is now the final week of regular classes at GCHS, which is hard to believe. We finished last week with our school commencement ceremony, where Gracie Mascotto delivered a really great valedictorian address encouraging graduates to go out and do good in the world. I’d like to echo Gracie’s message as we wrap things up.039

Students in ENG3U – Grade 11 University English will spend the week presenting their Independent Study Unit information. I’ve already seen many of the ISU essays and they’ve been great. Props to those who took advantage of descriptive feedback opportunities. I’m looking forward to hearing new ideas and interpretations of The Canterbury Tales. We will end the week with an exam review. The exam for this class is on Tuesday, June 21.

Meanwhile in ENG4C – Grade 12 College English students are wrapping up report writing for their Independent Study Unit on a social justice issue. Some students are a bit behind and all work must be completed by Wednesday, June 15 for acceptance. It is important that students use all available time – both inside and outside of class – to ensure expectations are met. We will also finish off the week with an exam review. The exam for this class is on Wednesday, June 22.

Finally, in ENG4U – Grade 12 University English we will begin the week with Independent Study Unit presentations. Students each chose two novels and I’m looking forward to the critical thinking and sharing that will undoubtedly occur this week as students defend their theses and provide insight about their novels. We will review the exam on Thursday and then on Friday, students will write an in-class essay as a component of their final exam. The exam proper will be written on Thursday, June 23.

If there are students who are missing assignments, struggling, or feeling the stress that usually comes around at this time of the year, please see me and we will try and work something out. Unfortunately, due dates for the ISU have limited flexibility because I need to mark them, the final exams, and prepare report cards before the end of next week.

Have a wonderful week, best wishes to all of my amazing students, and thanks for a great semester!

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