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Do You Tweet?

I’m big on social media. It’s a great place to turn to for answers to questions, sharing of ideas, and general information. I really love how Twitter‘s use is expanding into schools.

If you’re a student, parent/guardian, or otherwise interested person, I encourage you to follow me for school-related information. I will use hashtags like #ENG3U, #BTA3O and #ENG2D to organize school-related stuff. Never used Twitter but want to learn? Come see me and I will happily teach you.

I also encourage you to check out the following other important Twitter accounts:gchs_twitterGeraldton Composite High School

sgdsb_twitterSuperior-Greenstone District School Board

Thanks, and have a great day!

The First Days Back…

Heading back to school usually involves a number of emotions. Excitement, nervousness or motivation might greet you the night before the big day. Adam Sandler’s character sums it up well in the 1995 film Billy Madison:

There are a few things you can do to make the start of this school year a little bit easier:

  • Remember necessary materials (binder, paper, pens, pencils, etc.)
  • Show up on time
  • If in an English class, a novel of your choice for silent reading periods
  • A willingness to put in a good effort

This year promises to be a good one. So welcome back to school!

NOTE: I won’t be in class on the first day due to a medical appointment. Stay tuned for any special announcements regarding classes.