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Writer’s Craft – Poetry Sharing

My Grade 12 University Writer’s Craft eLearning class has prepared this amazing collection of poetry. This class includes students from Red Lake as far east as Mattawa – a driving distance of about 19 hours! I don’t share much about this class on WilsonTeacher.ca because the course exists in a different environment, but this material is too amazing to not share.

Download (PDF, 4.72MB)

Thanks again to the contributors for their work!

Semester’s Second Half #ENG3U #ICS2O

Yeah, so there are only like two months left of the school year. Everything seemed fine until we came back from the Easter long weekend and then BAM! the realization hit. In these next two months we’ll be doing tons of stuff in English and Computer Science to finish off the school year. Here’s an update of where we’re at:

ENG3U – Grade 11 English: Students have finished the short story unit. Culminating tasks will be handed in on Friday. I’m really looking forward. I have high expectations for the creative output of this group of students. We have now begun Macbeth, which is by far my favourite Shakespeare play.

Image result for macbeth play cover

Students should definitely check out the resources that are available to help them understand the content so we can focus on delivering it. Here’s a great start:

In ICS2O – Grade 10 Computer Science, we have transitioned away from our Python unit. We’re spending a few days talking about computer security, viruses, and privacy. Next, we’ll be working with HTML/CSS and website coding. Students will learn how to create webpages and websites, which could even be a marketable skill. Zing!

Midterm report information is being submitted to the office early next week. This information is reviewed by Mr. Luomala and then sent off to the mail. Report cards will likely arrive home the first week of May. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks so much!


Short Stories in #ENG3U

Students in ENG3U – Grade 11 English will begin a short Short Story unit this week. The unit explores narrative writing techniques by both reading and writing a variety of short stories.

Students will be choosing a short story from a list I’ve made. Using this short story, students will design a creative way to visually share their story. I’m looking forward to the creative choices students in this class make.

Students:This is the link to the Short Story Signup Sheet .

Resources for the unit can be found on the ENG3U – Lessons page.