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Shakespeare and Websites and December, Oh My! #ENG2D #ICS2O

There are only two weeks left before we head off for the Christmas Break, (on a Wednesday, which is weird) and in that time, we will be continuing our awesome, hands-on, inquiry-based learning. We will be busy and there is no doubt that the two weeks will absolutely fly on by.

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In ENG 2D – Grade 10 English, we are beginning Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. For many students, this is the first time experiencing Shakespeare. Though the language can sometimes be challenging, the themes are universal and the stories are entertaining. Our first goal will be to build an understanding of the plot, conflicts, characters, and themes so that we can go through the text and make sure we understand what’s happening. Then, our second goal is to use Shakespeare as it was intended: performing it! We won’t perform the entire play, but we will work on speech, movement, and other dramatic elements.

Here’s a great little introduction to the play if you’re not familiar with it:

In ICS 2O – Grade 10 Computer Science, we are going to continue with website development. Students have been doing a great job building an understanding of HTML and CSS elements as they construct a simple website. Thanks to our friends at nodehost.ca, students are able to upload their sites to the web for public viewing. That will be a focus this week. The other focus this week will be on completing the HTML assignment, which is an online store. Our main resource continues to be W3 Schools and their amazing tutorials, cheat sheets, and related information.

If things go well, we should also be in store for a SPECIAL TREAT this week. Stay tuned.

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Poetry and Coding in #ENG2D and #ICS2O

Poetry and coding!? To be fair, each subject is being taught in a different class, but I argue that there is a pretty clear relationship between the expression of emotions and the development of computer operations. Both are all about creation. It was nice to see light bulbs go off in English as students figured out their poems. The same light bulbs brightened as students problem-solved HTML and Scratch in computer science. In the past few weeks, we’ve been working in hands-on, inquiry-based learning and students have been pretty engaged, which is awesome. We will be continuing this style of learning this week as we continue poetry in English and HTML in Computer Science.

ENG2D – Grade 10 English students have completed writing a poem on a social justice issue. Topics include addiction, homelessness, crime, and abuse – among others. Check out a few examples:




This week, we continue studying poetry by focusing on analyzing poetic elements as well as writing a variety of our own poems, including haikus, (my favourite!)

Poetry Writing
Is challenging for students
But they’re good at it

Meanwhile, ICS2O – Grade 10 Computer Science students continue learning HTML. We had a great week last week as students mastered basic code and started seeing websites come to life. This included basic elements such as different type, links, images, and tables. We are going to explore using CSS, (Cascading Style Sheets) to put more control on the visuals of our pages. We will also start using WordPress as a basis of creating a whole website.

Finally, I want to keep exploring using some great hands-on tools I’ve been given, including this awesome Makey-Makey product. Makey-Makey basically using conductive properties of objects to replace keyboard and mouse controls. The result is some pretty awesome creations, (like our chalk-paper-scissors Pac-Man controller)


At a Superior-Greenstone DSB Tech Champions workshop last week, educators from our area got to explore with Makey-Makey. At the end of the session, students from George O’Neil Public School in Nipigon got to check out our cool tech toys. Look at the engagement!

There are only THREE WEEKS until the Christmas Vacation. I hope students continue to take advantage of these learning opportunities and that anyone who requires extra help will come and see me. Thanks!


A Wee Update for #ENG2D and #ICS2O

The next two weeks are all about creating stuff in class. I think this will be a better change of pace for students as the flow is a bit speedier and will help us move towards the Christmas Break. Yes, the Christmas Break…and it’s only four weeks away. That time will fly as we keep busy. Here’s what we’re doing:

In ENG2D –  Grade 10 English, we wrapped up the short story unit and are transitioning into the poetry unit. I’m looking forward to reading students’ Guilty Short Story culminating project from the last unit. This new short unit focuses on reading and understanding poetry as well as creating and writing poetry. It’s a nice mix. We start by thinking about how poetry can be a response to a social justice issue and then we rocket along from there.

Image result for poetry wordle

Meanwhile, the ICS20 – Grade 10 Computer Science class begins learning all things website development with a basic introduction to HTML, which is the language that websites are based on. Surprisingly, no students in the class have HTML experience so we will start at the basics and move from there. We’re experimenting with Google Classroom to keep our lessons organized. (It pairs nicely with the great HTML tutorial from Khan Academy.) The other great thing about HTML is that it’s very visual, which is a nice switch for many from the heavy coding of Python in the last unit.

Image result for html wordle

So that’s the plan for the next couple of weeks. The creating – whether it’s poetry or websites – should be fun…. and then it’s Christmas!