BTA3O – Computers For Business

Welcome to BTA3O!

I’ve always had a love for information technology: it can entertain us, make our lives easier, and is great for exploring. When I was offered a chance to teach BTA3O I jumped at it. Why? You are part of Generation Z – The Internet generation – and you will need to know how to use these technological tools safely, responsibly, and correctly.

BTA3O Wordle – From GEDSB

In this course there are a few things that we have to cover:

  • Microsoft Office formatting, including Word and Excel
  • Website Creation
  • Digital Citizenship and Responsible Internet Use

But I also want to take things a step further to allow for a chance of learning through doing. Some of my plans include:

  • Introduction to Computer Programming using Python and Flash
  • Using WordPress to create dynamic websites
  • Technology and Communicating (like Skype)

You might already know some of these things because as citizens of Generation Z, you’ve been exposed to tech your whole life. So if you have ideas, suggest them. Enjoy the class… it’s yours!

Here is the course outline: