NAC2O – Assignments!

Here is a list of assignments for NAC2O. Note that not all assignments from the course appear on this list. If you are behind in class or need some help, see Mr. Wilson for a complete list of what you’re missing!

NAC2O – Intro – Identity Poster Assignment
NAC2O – Intro – Aboriginal Youth Writing

2. UNIT 1: First Nations and Inuit People in Canada Before European Contact
NAC2O – Aboriginal Leaders Research
NAC2O – Primary and Secondary Business Planning
NAC2O – Land Use Small Business Project

3. UNIT 2: First Nations, Métis, and Inuit People in Canada After European Contact
NAC2O – Colonialism and “We Were Children” Questions
NAC2O – Voices of Leaders
NAC2O – Land Claims Research
Land – Values
NAC2O – “8th Fire – Whose Land Is It Anyway?” Questions
3. UNIT 3: Aboriginal Issues in Canada

4. UNIT 4: Final Project
NAC 2O – Culminating Assignment