Attention #ALC1O and AVI3O Visual Art Students

I’m excited to explore visual arts with students this semester. We experiment with many tools and techniques and I encourage students to guide their own learning based on their areas of interest. In the art room I have limited supplies for everyone. However, students – especially those in the AVI3O – Grade 11 art class may wish to bring some of their own supplies. I suggest:

  • A beginner’s drawing set. These include various pencils and usually a sharpener and eraser. This is highly-recommended. These can (usually) be purchased locally or from retailers like Amazon, Staples, Michaels, or Walmart – often for under $10
  • Pencil Crayons. A set of 24 colours works well.

Otherwise, everything else is provided (within reason!) to allow students to complete assignments.

Let me know if you have questions!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

Welcome new and returning students and parents! It’s the dawn of another school year!

I’m pretty excited for this semester. I’m back in the Art Room with two periods of visual art: ALC1O – Grade 9 Integrated Arts – Visual and AVI3O – Grade 11 Visual Arts. Sandwiched between is ENG2D – Grade 10 Academic English, which is one of my favourite courses to teach. I’m also excited because I’ll be a meeting a number of new students this year. I didn’t teach any grade nine courses last year, (for the first time in my career) so I’ll get to meet many of these students in Art and English. I’ll also have the opportunity to meet all new grade 9 students in art.

As usual, I’ll be regularly posting and sharing lesson information, student work, and other related content so check back frequently, subscribe to the site, or follow me on Twitter. For those too anxious to wait until the first day of school, here are the outlines for my Fall 2017 courses:

Period 1: Grade 9 Visual Art
Period 2: Grade 10 English
Period 4: Grade 11 Visual Art

Enjoy the last days of summer – and the first days of school. I’ll be back with more updates soon!