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Technology creates just as many problems as it tries to solveWhat are your thoughts?

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28 thoughts on “BTA3O – Technology Discussion Forum #1

  1. My thoughts on “Technology creates just as many problems as it tries to solve,” is that this statement is true. I say that it is true because technology does cause a lot of problems. Every time they come out with something new it has problems, in fact there may be more problems than it creates. By coming out with new software to solve a problem there are definately more problems. Just like apples IOS 7, it made some problems. shortly after they came out with IOS 7.0.2 which tried to solve some problems but it did create some more.

    1. I agree with you – there are definitely lots of problems created by technology but do you think that we learn from these problems and become better people? For example, I figured out iOS 7 and now I feel like I know my iPhone a little bit more.

      When you make a point, like “technology does cause problems”, make sure you give specific examples that show why and how you feel that way. You made a comment about Apple, but I don’t see the specific problem you are identifying.

      Otherwise, thanks for the post!

  2. The opinion that technology solves as many problems as it creates can be summed up into a simple answer, it’s false. This can be proved in one field of science that is medicine. Take for example the HIV virus; scientists have recently discovered the cure to a similar disease that is found in monkeys. This could lead to the potential saving of thousands of lives, and to a much more worry free society. This discovery will produce no worries because it would be insane for someone to be scared about scientists saving lives.

    1. Good point. I really like your example… but what if we create a race of super-AIDs-resistant monkeys that destroy manking? Then what!? But I agree… tech is a good thing. Your example is hard to beat.

  3. My response is that technology helps solve a lot of problems at the same time as creating them, but the pros outweigh the cons. Technology has helped us invent things like cars, which helps us get around faster. The con would be that people aren’t getting as much exercise as they used to but getting around faster lets us explore more of the world. Another way technology has helped is cell phones. It helps us stay connected with one another. The con would be that people are addicted to phones and no one can get away anymore. The fact that it has helped business people run everything smoothly outweighs the cons a lot. If we didn’t have technology how would our world run? Big companies that basically run our world won’t be as efficient, and everyone complains about them today when they are as efficient as they can get.

    1. I like that you identify the pros outweighing the cons. I agree that we have gained much more from technology than what we have lost, though some people may disagree. There is a thought that the more connected we become as individuals, the more distant we become as society. What are your thoughts on that?
      Cell phones are interesting, too. Do you ever use yours to make actual phone calls?
      Good points, though. Definitely food for thought.

      1. It is true that the more you are connected to someone the less you actually get out and meet new people. At summer camps I’ve noticed that people try to stay connected to those back at home instead of getting out and making new friends. I totally agree with that thought that the more connected we become as individuals, the more distant we become as society.

        And actually this summer I used my phone for phone calls a lot! Its easier to get info across in a short period of time. Especially when someones driving. Since I got home though I haven’t made a real phone call in weeks!

        I do enjoy texting when I’m doing something else. I can read the text later when I have time.

    2. I agree with you. Cars are a very useful thing and it does help us out a lot. As you said, with the technology we have today, a lot of people aren’t getting as much exercise as we used to. This statement is very true, but if you think about it, there are a lot of equipment that does help people to get back into shape and some say that it helps them a lot more that anything else would.

  4. I think that with the advancement of technology it just keeps on bringing more and more problems for the human population for example people are depending more on the technology we have today since its easy to just do things from online shopping to talking with friends from across the world all through the internet no matter if you on your phone or on a computer. The reason why this is a problem is because now nobody has to even really leave the comfort of your own home with the advancements of this technology. Other problems with the advancement technology is that not everybody is comfortable with things like cell phones or computers. Elderly people aren’t to fond of the computer or cell phone because when they were growing up they didn’t have these things so they don’t know exactly how to use these things.

    1. You’re right – technology is easy to use and in some cases, keeps people from physically interacting with other people outside of computers. I wonder if in the future we won’t have the ability to talk to one another face-to-face. And you’re right – some people get “left behind” as everyone turns to technology. That’s a good point.
      Make sure you check your posts for sentence structure in the future!

    2. I agree with you Dustin, the elderly people are left behind in technology. I think that they can’t do as much in our world now because we all depend on technology now.

  5. It is true that technology is a great feature in the learning and developing of human culture and civilization. With all of the feats that can be accomplished, many would think that the exponential increase of technology is beneficial. Without it, many things would not have been invented such vehicles, planes, computers, internet or even the simplest things like wheelchairs or institutions. With this all comes negative, sometimes. With all of the positive features of this amazing and rapid growth, there are unfavourable outcomes. Some would even agree that technology creates more problems than it solves.

    Such things include pollution and removal of natural habitats. With deforestation it removes homes from local wildlife like bears, wolves, rabbits and more; that are threatened or even endangered. In the end, we as humans end up with paper and wood products, but the animals are left with no home, and sometimes food and are left to die. Pollution is also a factor. Creations that cause this include factories and mills; even cars and other vehicles. When carbon dioxide, methane and many more chemicals are released into the atmosphere, it creates an atmospheric effect that everyone knows; Global Warming. This is a permanent problem that can be slowed down, but never stopped. With the rate that humans are increasing global temperatures because of pollution from many resources, humans could perish, and soon. Another reason things could go wrong is putting humans out of work. People around the world will be left without jobs because of the technology that will eventually take over manual labour. Things like farmers and factory workers will be left jobless because of the beneficial factors of machines.

    But then again… the positive aspects are overwhelming. With the increase of technology, we will eventually be able to replant trees at the rate we cut them. Pollution will be removed by many ways, such as electric cars and inventions alike. Manpower can also be increased by hundreds with these farming machines, providing much money for people. With every bad effect, I can think of an opposite, positive reaction. In short, I believe that the increase of technology outweights the consl that there are many more reasons to continue researching, inventing and manufacturing better ideas. There’s no way to stop technology anyways.

    That’s the way the world works.

    ~Ryan W. Daines

    1. I wonder if, during the time that airplanes and automobiles were created, people had similar criticisms to those of computers and social media. I agree that we’ve benefited tremendously from the examples you outline and I wonder if, somewhere in the future, we’ll be able to easily identify similar benefits. You’re right, though – there are always drawbacks with technology: everything from potential job losses, to pollution, to a loss of personal communication – so I guess one has to determine if the benefits outweigh the negative consequences.

      In my opinion, I think that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks but part of the issue with an increase in technology is teaching people how to use it appropriately. This will perhaps curb some of the issues like pollution, unemployment and deforestation that you outlined.

      Thanks for a very thoughtful and well-supported addition to this thread.

  6. “Technology creates just as many problems as it tries to solve” I am in between whether or not I agree with this statement. I believe that technology makes many problems for a lot of people, but I also believe that it is actually helping us a lot. This is all I can say towards this topic. I’ll get back to you when I have more to say about this topic.

    1. That’s fair – sometimes it’s hard to choose a side when it comes to a topic such as this one. What I’d like to see is some specific examples about what kind of problems technology might create and what exactly technology has done to help people. I’m sure if you think about it a bit more some ideas will come to your mind. I’m looking forward to seeing them.

  7. I agree that technology creates just as many problems as it solves because when the new and advanced technologies break not everybody will be able to fix them, for example the phones and computers are becoming more fragile so they break more often and it costs more to fix them.

    1. That’s a good point – especially for us up here in the bush. For example, if I were to break my phone, I’d have to travel 3 hours to get it repaired. Our school computers – and all the problems we have had with them – are also examples of your point.

      So in the end, do you think technologies such as phones and computers are worth the time and effort…or not?

  8. I think technology is awesome ! ahahh. I think its awesome because it solves most of your problems. For example: cell phones. you can stay in contact with your friends and family from around the world.

    1. I think technology is pretty awesome, too. I can keep in touch with Mr. McFarlane while he explores Nunavut. Couldn’t do that without technology! What other technologies besides cell phones do you think make a big difference in your life?

  9. I think technology is pretty cool. If technology wasn’t around I wouldn’t be able to show my family in Mexico picture’s of my son Kyler. For example without technology I would have to send picture’s the old fashion way by mail. Sending picture’s and video by technology is so much easier and it tells you when they get it.

  10. I believe that technology benefits us in the modern life. We are able to communicate faster and it gives us access to a lot of things we didn’t have access to, or was very hard to access before. For example, we have access to social networks. By using the social networks, it is easier keep in touch with friends and family that live a lot further away. 🙂

    1. Great point. Yes, for us stuck up here in northern Ontario, using technology to keep in touch with folks is awesome. It makes our isolation not so isolated. Thanks!

  11. I think that technology creates problems with the working man cause the machines can do a job and not get paid for it so the company is making more money. and that makes everone else happy but the working man out of a job in the end. plus with all the technology thats in the cars now days if anything breaks or if the car or truck breaks down you have to bring it into the shop and pay big money over some little eletrical work. in my opinion i think it causes more money and energy in the end.

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