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Frankenstein introduced new-fangled sciences to the masses when it was published in 1818. Ideas like alchemy, galvanism, and biology entertained the masses. However, as we discussed in class, it also opened up the door to discussions about science ethics, the role of God, and our human thirst for knowledge.


Even today, with all of our technology, access to information, and ability to communicate across the globe, science is still making new discoveries that pose the same questions.

Your assignment is to research and post on one of these new or emerging scientific discoveries. Use the Internet (perhaps starting with the list of resources below) to find a topic that interests you. Then, on your blog, do the following:

  • Create a post with an appropriate title
  • Summarize the new/emerging science that you are interested in, ensuring you follow proper writing success criteria. This includes making references, (which you may do using links within your post). This should be the equivalent to about 3/4 of a typed page.
  • Include a paragraph where you pose some points about this science – what attracted you to it? What ethical/moral questions does it pose? How could it change the world?
  • Include any relevant images, graphics, links, and references.

And then….

  • Once people have posted, you will be responsible for choosing at least one other person in the class and replying to their post with your thoughts and feedback.

Because this is our first WordPress Post assignment, please adhere to these expectations:

  • Think before you post.
  • Make your contributions positive and appropriate for the classroom.
  • Re-read and edit your posting carefully. Check the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. Remember that typing in all capitals is yelling in an online environment.
  • Make sure your postings are a valid contribution to the discussion and are not just “Me too” postings.
  • If someone does violate netiquette and posts an offensive thread, do not post a follow-up to the offending thread. The moderator of the discussion will handle this situation.

Finally, here are some resources:
Wikipedia – Timeline of Scientific Discoveries
Discover Magazine
Scientific American Magazine
New Scientist Magazine
BBC Science News
PBS “Emerging Science” Television Series
Popular Science Magazine
PBS “NOVA” Television Series

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