Happy Halloween!


It is going to be another busy week in class. Students were provided with progress reports and mark updates last week and midterms are rapidly approaching so please make sure you’re up-to-date with your assignments. Here’s what’s in store for October 28-November 1 (yes, November starts this week…)

ENG 3U: Our study of Frankenstein finished last week so this week you’ll have the joy (joy, oh joy!) of doing a unit test and a culminating essay. We’ll work through literary essay steps so your final product is awesome.

BTA 3O: This week, we will move away from Microsoft Excel…for now. We might start dabbling in programming if we can get the right software on the computer lab. I’d also like to spend a day or two working on animated GIFs like the pumpkin above. Should be fun!

ENG 2D: We will work to complete our study of To Kill a Mockingbird this week. This will involve some more lessons and some group work. We should be able to wrap this up by Friday and then move on towards unit culminating tasks.

As always, here’s wishing everyone a great (and warm!) week. If you need help with any assignments, don’t forget that you can always email me!

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