Student Mark Update #ENG3U #ENG2D #BTA3O

Mark updates will be provided to students in all classes this week. In ENG3U, this will include all Frankenstein unit marks. In ENG2D, marks will include the To Kill a Mockingbird unit test and all questions/assignments. In BTA3O, all Microsoft Excel work will be included, plus the animated GIF project.

STUDENTS: I am happy to email you marks for tests, essays, and major written assignments to your Superior-Greenstone email account. I will not send marks/comments to unverified email accounts. Contact me if you have questions – or see me in class!


ENG3U students are moving into short stories and poetry. It’s a short unit about short writing! I like it because it allows the creative side to come out – and the Grade 11s have shown a knack for creativity!

BTA3O students will begin working on various programming languages using some online tools. Students have some choices: Python, HTML, Scratch or JavaScript are all available using the site.

ENG2D students are going to view the 1962 version of To Kill a Mockingbird as a wrap-up to the unit and then spend the rest of the week working on literary essays. Exciting!

Have a great week, everyone. Remember: you can contact me via the links at the bottom of this page if you need help or have questions. Ciao!

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