Great First Week in #ENG1D #ENG4C #NBV3E

What a great first week. I’m pretty psyched for this semester! I think most students are getting settled into their new classes and good things are going to happen. All we need now are some warmer temperatures. Don’t hold your breath…

weathernetworkAnyway, this week, here’s what’s going on:

Grade 9 ENG1D students began developing personal websites using WordPress, which will be used for writing assignments that can be filled with multimedia and made shareable. Students will do some writing this week that will incorporate their new websites.

Grade 12 ENG4C students are also using WordPress and will be working on review essays this week using the websites and YouTube. This will allow students a chance to hone their writing skills and learn some stuff about digital citizenship.

Grade 11 NBV3E students are exploring introductory concepts related to Aboriginal identity in Canada. Students have been participating in some great discussions in the first few days. This week, exploring personal identities will be on the menu.

Thanks to all students for a great first week, (even if I was gone for most of it!). Glad to have you all in Room 28. If you have any questions or comments, I’m always available by email at or via twitter.

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