Weekly Update – #ENG1D #ENG4C #NBV3E

It’s already the halfway point of semester one! This week and next week are short weeks with the Easter long weekend. Also, students will be receiving midterm report cards in the next few weeks as teachers prepare the reports and forward information to the office.

ENG1D students are focusing on essay writing and the novel study The Chrysalids. Information for essay writing will be added to the Lessons section of the ENG1D part of the site soon.

ENG4C students are still focusing on business writing. Students have been doing a mix of textbook work, including the articles “Beware Illegal Questions”, and “Rookie Errors”. Students are working on letter writing skills and will also learn report writing this week.

NBV3E students have made it to the halfway point of the play Rez Sisters. Students have been very involved with the play, volunteering to read out loud as we discuss the themes, characters, and plot items within the play – and how they all relate to issues we’ve discussed in class. Thanks to those who read regularly!

Wishing everyone a fantastic week! Enjoy the upcoming Easter weekend!


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