Ten Weeks Left! #ENG1D #ENG4C #NBV3E

It’s frightening to think how fast this year has gone by, but here we are, 75% of the way through. Midterm report card marks were sent to the office today so they will be processed and likely be put in the mail next week – so be on the lookout for them.

Here’s a rundown on what’s going on in class this week:

ENG1D – Grade 9 English: We are at the halfway point of The Chrysalids this week. Students are continuing to learn about the novel’s theme, conflict, characters and plot. Students will complete a quiz this week on the first half of the novel. In addition, students are learning about essays. Students will focus on developing body paragraphs this week and then be assigned an argumentative essay to write.

Also, representatives the Ministry of Education and Superior-Greenstone DSB will be in class on Thursday morning to see how we’ve been using descriptive feedback, learning goals and success criteria in the classroom.

ENG4C – Grade 12 English: The class is at the tail-end of the Business English unit. We’ve talked about why, how, and when business English is used and to complete the unit, students will create a detailed report about a business idea for Greenstone. This assignment will involve a fair amount of research and computer work.

NBV3E – Grade 11 Aboriginal Values: I’m pretty sure students are enjoying The Rez Sisters play. We will be getting into Act 2 (the second half of the play) this week. Shout out to those students who have read aloud in class. You’re all awesome. There are some students who have been falling behind with assignments. Time may be provided this week to do some catch-up work. Please see me for information.

As always, here’s hoping everyone has a great (short) week.

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