“No Fear Shakespeare” – #ENG1D

Hello, ENG1D – Grade 9 students! As we start Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, I want to turn your attention to a some resources that will probably make your life easier:

SparkNotes – “The Merchant of Venice” – This website has summaries, character information, and explanations of themes. This resource will help explain things that sometimes don’t make sense to first-time Shakespeare readers.

shakespeare No Fear Shakespeare – “Merchant of Venice” – This website creates a side-by-side of the original text of the play with a modern translation. If you’re having trouble understanding some of the words and language, this site will help.

Shmoop – “Merchant of Venice” – This site is similar to SparkNotes and has all kinds of information about the play, including references to allusions and language. Use it!

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