Great First Week in #ENG3U #ALC1O #ENG2P

It’s been a great first week back at GCHS! Classes seem to be coming together well and students are figuring out their surroundings.


Here’s the plan for this week:

ENG3U Grade 11 English

Last week, we discussed analyzing texts, and the class completed a group assignment looking at the poem “Dulce et Decorum Est”. Students then began a blog assignment that analyzed a piece of media literature. This week, we will continue talking about analyzing what we read by focusing on poetry.

Please note that I will be away on Thursday and Friday.

ALC1O Grade 9 Drama

We had a fun first couple of days getting to know each other and experimenting with some improv games. This week, we will introduce the concept of Tableaux, which are frozen pictures that tell a story. Should be a blast!

Sadly, I will be away for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for meetings.

ENG2P Grade 10 English

This is a big group. The first few days were spent talking about reading and writing. Students then completed a reading assessment, which I will use to focus on specific needs of the students. This week, we will continue focusing on developing strategies to read better. We will also take a look at short stories in the Communicate textbook.

Like drama, I won’t be here on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday because of meetings. Sorry!

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Have a wonderful week!

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