Hello, October… #ENG3U #ALC1O #ENG2P

So it’s October already. Craziness. Time is flying by and Fall is flying in, too. Things are starting to get busy in classes. It’s important for students to keep caught up. As always, if there are any questions about a student’s progress, I can be reached at GCHS or through e-mail.

Here’s what’s happening in class this week…

indexENG3U Grade 11 English students are into the first chunk of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The unit involves a study of Romantic and Gothic literature, themes, and character. There is an abundant number of online resources should students find the material challenging. Students can expect a short quiz at the end of the week, covering up to the end of Chapter 10.


ALC1O Grade 9 Art students will begin studying Perspective techniques this week. The short unit will open with an overview of one and two point perspective, a series of drawing exercises, and finish with a street scene similar to the one above. Students will need a sharp pencil and a ruler.


ENG2P Grade 10 English will take some time to focus on the development of literacy skills in preparation for this Spring’s Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test . Most students have completed an initial assessment and there is much work to be done with this class. Students also need to complete outstanding Short Story unit work. A quiz will be completed in class this week, too.

Here’s hoping the warm weather stays a bit longer. Have a great week!

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