Last Week of November!

There are only 3.5 weeks left until the Christmas Break. Most students have realized that crunch time is imminently near. Midterm report cards should be received by parents/guardians this week. For now, here’s what’s happening in the classroom:

ENG3U Grade 11 English students will be developing “Macbeth” literary essays. They will be guided by conferencing and the descriptive feedback provided on their Frankenstein essays. The rough copy for this essay is due on Monday, December 1.

ALC1O Grade 9 Art students have finished their first unit culminating project – a demonstration of their knowledge of the elements and principles of art and design. I will post pictures soon. Students will spend a day or two learning about value/shading techniques before moving on to a unit on perspective drawing. Thanks to this group for their hard work and excellent classroom skills!

ENG2P Grade 10 English students have completed the study of Lord of the Flies. Students will now begin focusing on the process of writing a literary essay. Topics have been distributed, (a copy of the assignment is available by clicking here) and students will be expected to complete organizers by Friday, November 28. It is important for students to meet deadlines. We will also be transitioning to our new unit, which will be a challenge for some: Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet”…

Students, especially those in ENG2P, are reminded of deadlines and missing work. I am available this week on Wednesday and Friday during 12:05PM Activity Period for extra assistance. Enjoy your week!

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