Another Week Comes and Goes in #AVI3O #ENG1D #NBV3E

It’s been another fast week here at GCHS! Classes are continuing to go very well. Here’s a quick update of what’s been going on:

AVI 3O – Grade 11 Art: We have transitioned into drawing and shading techniques. We’ll spend a few classes discussing concepts of line, value, and shading with various objects, using various techniques. I will also be introducing terms and concepts such as underdrawing, contour/blind contour drawings, etc. In this unit we will also talk about figure drawing and dimensions. Students got right into it with a short pencil drawing assignment:


ENG 1D – Grade 9 English: Writing is a definite process, which involves several drafts, editing, and feedback. Students are beginning to understand that as we work through the development of the personal essay. We have been focusing on grammar within the essays, as well. We are now transitioning to the short story unit. Students and parents can find information on this unit in the Grade 9 English of the site.

NBV 3E – Grade 11 Aboriginal Values & Beliefs: We continue to examine issues of identity and worldview. Students are learning key concepts like perspective, bias, and identity as they research and respond to a number of items.

Sorry for the short update but it’s been busy. Have a wonderful week!

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