March Break Is Over! #AVI3O #ENG1D #NBV3E

Welcome back! Here’s hoping everyone had a fun and refreshing March Break. It’s now time to get into the swing of things. In four short weeks it will already be midterms. Time flies!

AVI3O Grade 11 Art: This week, we’ll start talking about the Critical Analysis Process to help organize how we react to art. We will also be focusing on some Art History as we talk about a number of different periods and some examples from each.

ENG1D Grade 9 English: This week, we will begin our study of the novel The Chrysalids by John Wyndham. This novel explores themes like religion, change, and acceptance. Our study will include a mix of discussion, debate, question-and-answer, and some writing. It is imperative that you read the novel.

NBV3E Grade 11 Aboriginal Beliefs & Values will end the Identity Unit by focusing on Aboriginal common threads and beliefs, a study of the Medicine Wheel, and a look at Canada’s Indian Residential Schools system – a sad chapter in our history. These last components will likely bring us right to the Easter break.

Thanks so much for visiting the site. If you have any questions or comments, let me know! Enjoy your week!

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