Ahoy, April! #ENG1D #AVI3O #NBV3E

It’s April this week! Spring is in the air. The snow is only months away from melting. All is good in the world. We are also facing a pair of short weeks due to the Easter holidays this weekend. Now’s a great time to get caught up on any missing work. Here’s what’s happening in class:

AVI3O Grade 11 Art students have finished their watercolour culminating assignments. Many of them have transformed from rough ideas into beautiful pieces of art. I will matte some of them this week so they can be put in a school display case. Pictures to come!

Students are going to spend some time looking at art criticism and art history this week.

ENG1D Grade 9 English students are past the halfway point in their study of the novel The Chrysalids. The class has been very good at discussing a number of topical issues that are connected to the novel, including issues in the news such as Bill C-51 and Indiana’s Religious Freedoms Bill. It’s important to get students comfortable discussing in the class as this prepares them for future seminar discussions that we will hold, focusing on elements of the novel. It’s important that students keep up reading the novel. They are expected to complete chapter questions which are used to foster the discussions. The questions, (for review), can be viewed on the ENG 1D – Assignments page.

NBV3E Grade 11 Aboriginal Beliefs and Values students are working on a small project that focuses on the Seven Grandfather Teachings. My expectation is that students will work alone or in pairs to research information about a teaching of their choice. The research will then be organized into large displays that are eye-catching and informative. I’d like to include images of GCHS on them, too. Ideally we will create a large display for the entire school.


Midterms are fast-approaching. It’s really important that students check in with me to ensure they’re all caught up with assignments. Students are also reminded to take advantage of the 12:05PM Activity Period if they need extra help.

Have a great couple of SHORT weeks!

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