The Middle of April in #AVI3O #ENG1D #NBV3E

Hello, everyone! Yes, it’s the middle of April already. In Greenstone, that means large puddles and the revealing of a winter’s worth of hidden dog waste. It also means warmer temperatures and semester two midterms. Crazy times! Midterm marks will be finalized by the end of this week so if applicable, it’s absolutely important to touch base with me regarding missing assignments. I will be available most days (or rooms will be available) at 12:05PM to get caught up – especially with art studio work. In the meantime, here’s what’s happening:

AVI3O Grade 11 Art: We have started playing with clay! There is a wide spectrum of experience among the students but those who began working with the medium got off to a great start on Friday. My hope is to put some pieces in the kiln on Monday. Here are some examples of some initial pieces, which range from those that are just fun creations to others that attempt to make a social statement. (Note that the “middle finger” piece was made with permission. I think it says a good statement, personally).


ENG1D Grade 9 English: The class has finished reading The Chrysalids and in this unit students have been introduced to critical reading, (i.e. reading for meaning), seminars, literary essays, and the importance of supporting ideas. I think most students enjoyed the novel. This week we will work on one last seminar, the culminating literary essay, and then begin transitioning towards the Poetry Unit.

NBV3E Grade 11 Aboriginal Beliefs & Values: This week we will start “The Rez Sisters” and continue talking about Residential Schools. The play is full of laughs as it explores issues of living on reserve – and wanting to leave. It talks about what “home” is all about, and deals with some very personal struggles. It’s really a great piece of writing. The study of Residential Schools, though sad, is an important part of Canadian history that demands attention.

Please note that I will be absent for Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. Have a great week!


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