The Home Stretch! #AVI3O #ENG1D #NBV3E

This is a photograph of the highway leading into my hometown of Marathon. It’s what I see after spending three and a half hours driving from Geraldton. It’s the home stretch.


In a way, we’ve been doing our own three and a half our drive, and we’re down to the last few kilometres. We’re in the home stretch, too. It’s two weeks before the end of the semester. It’s time to start thinking about completing culminating assignments, time to start studying for exams, and time to start thinking about next year. The final stretch goes by fast.

For AVI3O – Grade 11 Visual Arts students, that means it’s time to get cracking on your final studio pieces. Remember, this culminating project is worth 30% of your course mark. If you need extra time, we can make arrangements to work during the lunch hour. Also, don’t forget about the written components of this project. All of our remaining class time is devoted to the culminating project. Remember, the due date is Thursday, June 18.

In ENG1D – Grade 9 English, we will complete our Merchant of Venice culminating assignments, including a detailed film review and tabloid newspaper assignment, (find them under ENG1D – Assignments). Next week we will wrap things up and spend a few days completing exam review.

Finally, in NBV3E – Grade 11 Aboriginal Beliefs & Values, we will continue working on the course culminating assignment. We have a few more days in the computer lab so hopefully students are prepared to make the most of this time. Some students are coming close to finishing their assignment while others need to get cracking. If you need extra time or help, let me know and we can make some arrangements. The due date is Thursday, June 18.

So, focus on the home stretch but don’t forget about the rules of the road. Work to get what you need done and you can relax with your feet up when you get at your destination.

Have a great week.

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