Awesome Happenings in #NAC2O

I’m really excited about some excellent opportunities that are happening in my NAC2O – Grade 10 Native Studies class this semester. We are working hard as a school to provide material that is culturally authentic, interesting, and engaging, and to make it all work, we will be building some partnerships.

Our class will soon be learning the fine art of beading. I’d like to thank the Superior-Greenstone District School’s Aboriginal Liaison, Nicole Richmond, for her support.

Nicole Richmond speaks to NAC2O students about bead designs
NAC2O now has a bead collection!










The best part is that there are several students in the class who have experience beading, so we will be able to learn as a group. I’m so excited about this!

Also, we have partnered with the Thunderbird Friendship Centre, the Native Friendship Centre in Greenstone, to run the StreetWolf program. This program covers all kinds of topics and will run once a week for eight weeks. Special guests will cover important topics like cultural identity, drug and alcohol abuse, dealing with loss, resolving conflicts, and setting goals.


Many, many thanks to the wonderful staff at Thunderbird Friendship Centre for this great program.

It’s going to be a good semester!

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