Amazing First Week in #ENG3U #ENG4C #ENG4U

While it’s only the middle of the week, it’s been great so far. Each class is full of enthusiastic students who are keen on taking their literacy skills to the next level. This week, we’re talking essays in each class, reviewing such things as the generation of awesome thesis statements, the organization of information, and the focus on assessment and evaluation.


ENG3U students are writing narrative essays focusing on an important moment in their life, connecting it to a “so what” idea that teaches a lesson or inspires their readers. We are also examining essay examples, including completed pieces and individual pieces such as thesis statements.

ENG4C students are also writing about important moments as a basis to begin using descriptive feedback to improve individual student’s writing. This class will switch gears to argumentative essays and begin their first large essay assignment, on an issue important to them.

ENG4U students have been discussing some of the theoretical ideas around essays, including the notion that an essay can transcend beyond words, as we noted by watching this short video:

We will continue examining the major types of essays over the next week as students demonstrate their knowledge and hone their skills.

Thanks for some great work so far!

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