It’s the End of April (As We Know It) #ENG3U #ENG4C #ENG4U

Hello! April is all but gone… just like that. Midterm report cards were provided to students on Tuesday, April 26 so if you’re a parent and you haven’t seen it, it’s time to ask for it. I’m also available to speak with parents/guardians/students if there are questions.

Here’s the plan for this week and next:

ENG3U Grade 11 University English students are almost in the middle of Macbeth. So far, students have been great at deciphering the text, making connections, finding meaning, and having conversations about the play. We have done some acting of short snippets after students figured out meaning and emotions. We will continue doing Macbeth stuff next week, working to complete it.


ENG4C Grade 12 College English has been focusing on Business English this past week. Students have talked about planning and organizing documents, APA style, letter formats, and reports. The class has started their culminating project and this will keep us busy for the next few days.

ENG4U Grade 12 University English students are almost done with Ishmael. We have had some great discussions about the philosophy within the text through Socratic seminars. We will work to complete the novel next week and then begin a critical analysis of the text through an essay.

Thanks to all students for great work. The next two months will almost certainly fly by and then…Summer!

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