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Life’s been awesome in every class this semester. We’re down to the last four weeks of class before exams – and the summer. Hard to believe. Though the work has been busy, I would once again like to give everyone a high five for their perseverance this semester. With the final crunch before us, I’m hoping we can continue pushing forward with high effort and happy faces. Here’s what’s shaping up for the next week:

ENG3U Grade 11 University English students just completing their Macbeth group performance tasks. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Students created the success criteria for the assignment, collaborated, performed, and gave one another feedback on their work. The results were amazing: students showed excellent knowledge of the play, went above-any-beyond with their performances, and expressed enthusiasm for the assignment. Here are some pictures from the groups:


Our next focus is on The Canterbury Tales and the Independent Study Unit. I’m excited to see what everyone creates!

In ENG4C – Grade 12 College English, we are halfway through Animal Farm. I’m impressed by students’ ability to make connections between the novel, the characters, Russian history, and the world around them. We’ve been having some great conversations about the novel and what it represents. We’ve also been exploring some ideas about equity, equality, and social justice – and I’m hoping to expand on these ideas as we move forward.

Students are asked to ensure outstanding assignments – especially the short story culminating tasks – are handed in.

ENG4U – Grade 12 University English students are well into Hamlet. We’ve been taking our time with the novel, annotating texts to build an understanding of what’s happening in the play. We’ve finished the first act and students have realized that they must put in effort, focus, and dedication to make meaning – but once the meaning is understood, we’re able to have some good conversations about the characters, plot, and relevance of the play.

Students are also working on their Independent Study Unit work. Deadlines for the assignments are fast-approaching. I’ve been conferencing with students regularly and they’ve had opportunities to use feedback from prior assignments to improve their work.

The Victoria Day long weekend is this weekend. The weather’s supposed to be really nice so hopefully everyone is able to enjoy it (and get work done, too!)



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