Reading, Writing, and Coding Everyday – in #ENG2D and #ICS2O

Well, by now you’ve likely heard about the Great OSSLT System Crash of 2016. What happened? We aren’t really sure. Will there be replacement practice literacy test? Good question. Unfortunately, those decisions are outside of my hands, but we’re hopeful that the EQAO will be pressured to provide the promised opportunity for students this year. Until then, we’re pressing on.

In ENG2D – Grade 10 English, we will move to end our studying of Lord of the Flies this week. I have grouped the remaining chapters into groups of three, so we’ll focus on Ch. 7-9 on Monday and Tuesday, and Ch. 10-12 on Wednesday and Thursday. We will continue working on student-led questions and discussion to ensure a clear understanding of the novel and the messages within it. Next week, we will work on the unit test and a culminating literary essay about the themes and messages within the novel.

I have provided mark updates to all students, which includes feedback on their participation and work habits. My hope is that students will continue to work on improving both before midterms.

Meanwhile, ICS2O – Grade 10 Computer Science continues to explore coding using Codecademy and Python. Python is the programming language and Codecademy is a great tutorial. Students have been working hard on problem-solving tasks as they work their way through the Codecademy lessons. Does any of this make sense to you?


We will continue exploring Python this week, and students will be assigned some small projects, (such as a tool that creates a grocery list, a tool to calculate the area of a shape, and a Magic 8-Ball). The skills they are learning in this unit are pretty powerful ones that will hopefully open up some doors later in life.

It’s a short week because of Friday’s Professional Activity Day, so make the most of it, and have fun! As always, let me know if there are questions or comments.

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