Midterms in #ENG2D and #ICS2O

It’s already midterm time. Well, close to them, anyway. Teachers at GCHS will be preparing midterm report cards this week and then they are sent to the office for review and preparation before being mailed out. That means students and parents/guardians likely won’t see them for another week or two… but they’re coming!

Here’s a quick update for what’s happening in class:

In ENG2D – Grade 10 English, we have transitioned from Lord of the Flies to a short writing unit, which will focus first on short stories and then on poetry. This is a quick unit that mixes reading/appreciation with writing/creative development. This will be a nice change of pace for students after a novel study and literary essay.

Meanwhile in ICS2O – Grade 10 Computer Studies we are working to complete our introduction to Python. Students have been working very hard solving the ten activities in the unit. It’s been fun working with students in real-world scenarios. Python is a great language because it’s one that is actually used by computer software engineers and programmers. Next up we will talk websites and HTML as well as computer security. Yay!

As always, here’s wishing everyone a wonderful week, (and upcoming weekend). Let me know if there are questions!

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