A Wee Update for #ENG2D and #ICS2O

The next two weeks are all about creating stuff in class. I think this will be a better change of pace for students as the flow is a bit speedier and will help us move towards the Christmas Break. Yes, the Christmas Break…and it’s only four weeks away. That time will fly as we keep busy. Here’s what we’re doing:

In ENG2D –  Grade 10 English, we wrapped up the short story unit and are transitioning into the poetry unit. I’m looking forward to reading students’ Guilty Short Story culminating project from the last unit. This new short unit focuses on reading and understanding poetry as well as creating and writing poetry. It’s a nice mix. We start by thinking about how poetry can be a response to a social justice issue and then we rocket along from there.

Image result for poetry wordle

Meanwhile, the ICS20 – Grade 10 Computer Science class begins learning all things website development with a basic introduction to HTML, which is the language that websites are based on. Surprisingly, no students in the class have HTML experience so we will start at the basics and move from there. We’re experimenting with Google Classroom to keep our lessons organized. (It pairs nicely with the great HTML tutorial from Khan Academy.) The other great thing about HTML is that it’s very visual, which is a nice switch for many from the heavy coding of Python in the last unit.

Image result for html wordle

So that’s the plan for the next couple of weeks. The creating – whether it’s poetry or websites – should be fun…. and then it’s Christmas!

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