Shakespeare and Websites and December, Oh My! #ENG2D #ICS2O

There are only two weeks left before we head off for the Christmas Break, (on a Wednesday, which is weird) and in that time, we will be continuing our awesome, hands-on, inquiry-based learning. We will be busy and there is no doubt that the two weeks will absolutely fly on by.

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In ENG 2D – Grade 10 English, we are beginning Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. For many students, this is the first time experiencing Shakespeare. Though the language can sometimes be challenging, the themes are universal and the stories are entertaining. Our first goal will be to build an understanding of the plot, conflicts, characters, and themes so that we can go through the text and make sure we understand what’s happening. Then, our second goal is to use Shakespeare as it was intended: performing it! We won’t perform the entire play, but we will work on speech, movement, and other dramatic elements.

Here’s a great little introduction to the play if you’re not familiar with it:

In ICS 2O – Grade 10 Computer Science, we are going to continue with website development. Students have been doing a great job building an understanding of HTML and CSS elements as they construct a simple website. Thanks to our friends at, students are able to upload their sites to the web for public viewing. That will be a focus this week. The other focus this week will be on completing the HTML assignment, which is an online store. Our main resource continues to be W3 Schools and their amazing tutorials, cheat sheets, and related information.

If things go well, we should also be in store for a SPECIAL TREAT this week. Stay tuned.

Have a great week!

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