The Final Week – #ENG2D #ICS2O

The final week of the semester totally snuck up on me. Yup. Here we are. I feel like September was yesterday. As I write, students in my English class are working on their Romeo & Juliet culminating presentations. It’s truly an awesome thing to watch. Students are invested in their work and I am pretty excited for presentations.

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ENG2D – Grade 10 English will perform their Romeo & Juliet culminating presentations on Thursday and Friday. Next week, we’ll wrap up the course and complete an exam review. The exam for the course is on Friday, January 26.

ICS2O – Grade 10 Computer Studies students are also completing culminating projects. It’s so awesome to see the problem-solving and collaboration in this class as individual creative programs come together. There are choose-your-own-adventure type stories, a calculator, a slot machine, and other games being invented. I’d like to express my appreciation to this group of students for helping bring this new-to-GCHS course to life.

So, we will work our way through the final seven class days of the semester and then BOOM! — semester two begins. Wow.

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