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I was talking to Grade 9 students last week as they were preparing to head to a college information session. I explained to them that they idea of going to college might be a crazy concept; these students are only in grade nine! However, seeing that the first month of the school year is already behind us, they are beginning to understand how quickly time moves in high school. Students in all classes have been dealing with the same rapid pace and some are starting to fall behind with assignments. The first progress report will be out after the Thanksgiving long weekend so this week will provide those students with opportunities to catch up. Meanwhile, here’s an update for each class:

ALC1O – Grade 9 Visual Art:
Students did an amazing job with their plaster masks. I will be displaying these in the school this week. We then spent some time talking about colour theory and will talk about value for a few days. Combined with line, students will have some good knowledge of some of the elements of art. We will use that knowledge when we introduce a new art medium: watercolour painting. Students will use watercolour paints to show their knowledge of colour, value, and line by creating something awesome. All of this will take us through this week and next. I’m pumped.

ENG2D – Grade 10 Academic English:
Students have their first major academic essay due this week. I have spent considerable time working with each student individually conferencing and editing essays. Unfortunately, many students in this class are not where I expected them to be with regards to writing. Students who handed in draft copies on time have been provided with detailed descriptive feedback to guide them towards improved final draft essays. My hope is that students use the numerous resources provided to make their essays rock.

This week marks the full start of our To Kill a Mockingbird novel study. This is one of my favourite novels to teach and, given the political climate that currently exists (and occupies so much of the news), there is an important relevance to what we will be covering. Last week, we discussed how society influences individuals as a transition into the unit. I’m looking forward to examining that question through the novel as we move forward.

AVI3O – Grade 11 Visual Art:
Last week we devoted our time to drawing. There are a number of students who have not finished the three drawing assignments so we will wrap them up early this week. Then, we will spend some time working with colour theory before moving on to a new studio project. There are a number of students who need to make better use of class time. I would like to pick up the pace to allow us to experiment with many more art forms, styles, and topics.

Once again, progress reports will be out in a few short weeks. It’s vitally important that students see me if they need extra help or extra time to work on assignments, (such as during the daily Activity Period.) Have a great week!

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