Transitioning to a New Position

Hi! It has been several months since I’ve updated It’s been a very busy semester, but also a very rewarding one. I’ve had the opportunity to work with two awesome Grade 12 University-preparation English classes , (one in my home school, and the other as an eLearning class with students from across northern Ontario) and help build excitement about computer science with a grade 10 class. At home, my wife and I have watched our daughter grow (too quickly)  into a toddler. Yes, it’s been busy.

In May, I was offered an opportunity to take on a temporary one-year Vice-Principal position at B.A. Parker Public School in Geraldton. After some thinking and talking, I accepted the job. I’m excited about the year ahead, including all of the work and all of the challenges that it will undoubtedly include, and the chance to work with a great staff and great students. Busy will get busier, but I’m up for it!

Since this opportunity is new, I thought I would try to collect my thinking here. Do people still blog? Is that still a thing? Regardless, that’s my goal, and I hope that people offer their perspectives and responses to my posts.

Though I know my daily schedule will be full, I hope to post regularly here because I also shelled out $80 for this website so I should put it to good use! Thanks for joining me on what will be an incredibly awesome journey.

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