GCHS students can use these lessons for Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test practice.



Divide your news article into three sections:

1.  5 W’s
     -Who, what, when, where, why
2.  Insert 2 quotes from witnesses
     -People at the event/in the picture
     -If you write small, use both quotes, if big- just one
 3.  Answer “What will happen next?”
    -use remaining space to answer in 1-2 sentences
Here is a sample article from an earlier test.  See if you can identify the three sections outlined above?
Sample Article
You are being marked on:
•Relating the article to the picture and headline
•Writing an actual newspaper article
•Spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure
•Length of article (must be at least ¾ of the page)
Write an article using the following picture and headline as a prompt.  Use the space provided to write it.  
TIP: Make sure the image and headline match what you’re writing.

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