Welcome to 2014! #eng3u #eng2d #bta3o

The new year is here! We only have 2.5 weeks left of this semester and then it’s exam time. In that short amount of time, here’s what we will accomplish:

ENG3U students will complete their Canterbury Tales Independent Study Unit work. You can see the expectations for this assignment below. In addition, a short Macbeth unit test will be completed this week.

BTA3O students will work on their final project. Note that there is no exam for this class and this project is worth 30% of the final mark! You can see the project here.

ENG2D students will review Romeo & Juliet before completing a unit test this week. Then, students will begin wrapping up the course before completing an in-class essay.

Remember, if you need help with assignments, you can always e-mail me! Have a great week!

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