Wrapping Up Classes

Classes are in their final full week, which is insane. Students are busy wrapping up assignments and getting ready for exams/culminating activities. Here’s what is going on this week:

ENG 3U students start the week with a “Macbeth” unit test/review assignment. Students will also be introduced to an abridged version of “Beowulf” this week. The rest of the course time is devoted to completing and presenting the Independent Study Unit.

BTA 3O students are working feverishly on their course culminating assignment. Some groups are nearing completion while others will need the full week to get things going. There have been some great ideas introduced by some groups.

ENG 2D students will talk poetry this week now that “Romeo and Juliet” is in the past. Students will be introduced to some technical parts of poetry, various poetic forms, and then be tasked with some writing of their own. This will lead into next week’s final writing assignment.

Best of luck to all students as they finish work for Semester 1!