Weekly Update: #ENG1D #ENG4C #NBV3E – And March Break on the Way!


This is a short week, as Friday, March 7 is a P.D. Day, which means although staff will be at school, you won’t need to come if you’re a student – so enjoy an extra-long March Break!


Here is what’s happening this week, including notes for how to keep learning during the March Break:

ENG1D students are wrapping up their Short Story Unit with a quiz on Monday. Students have been working on a short story assignment last week and rough copies are due on Monday as well. The class will now be starting a short unit on Poetry!

Over the March Break, students should be reading the first novel, The Chrysalids.

ENG4C students are working on the novel study for Crow Lake and many  students are enjoying the story so far. The themes and characters are very relevant to many people. Students will do some work with the novel this week but the focus will move towards essay writing (which was started last week) and argumentative/persuasive essays.

During the March Break, students should continue reading Crow Lake.

NBV3E students will focus on Residential Schools this week. This is a somber yet important part of our unit on Aboriginal Identity. The CBC has a very interesting and information section on Canada’s Residential Schools that may be of interest. Students will focus on background information, the lasting effects of the school system, and what we can do to help make things right again.


I should also have mark updates available by  the end of the week for all classes. If you know you’re missing assignments, (especially those of you in ENG1D) you are responsible for making an appointment to see me so we can discuss success strategies.

Thanks, and have a fantastic week.

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