It Doesn’t Feel Like the End of March! #ENG1D #ENG4C #NBV3E

Hello! It is definitely frosty outside…still. Well, at least we have heat in the classrooms. This week will be busy, (as usual) with a number of items. They include:

ENG1D will be completing their unit on poetry this week. Students will learn a few other poetic forms and then demonstrate their knowledge with some writing. Students will be seeing a quiz/short test that includes elements of the short story unit and the poetry unit. Finally, poetry ends with a Poetry Anthology assignment.

ENG4C students should be done their Argumentative Essay. As this moves aside we will continue to focus on Crow Lake, moving towards the last half of the novel. Students will have a quiz early in the week up to the end of Chapter 10. The quiz will focus on some quotes, as well as plot, conflict, characters, and themes within the novel. Students will then move to writing a literary essay regarding the novel.

NBV3E students have completed Unit 1 – Identity. Students finished the unit by creating a project related to why and how knowing about Residential Schools is important. Our new unit, Relationships, starts with a focus on the land. It involves a project about small business creation and will also allow us to begin the Tomson Highway play Rez Sisters, which is usually tons of fun (though serious, too!).

Here’s hoping everyone has a great week.

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