Is It Me, Or Did Time Fly By? #ENG1D #ENG2D #NBV3E

Hi Everyone. Seriously… how do we only have two weeks of classes left? I thought it was still September.

With such short time left it is absolutely imperative that students get caught up on any outstanding assignments and prepare themselves for exams and culminating assignments. Here’s a run-down of what’s happening between now and the end of the semester:

ENG 1D – Grade 9 English: The students are wrapping up their “Merchant of Venice” literary essays. Rough copies are due this Thursday, June 12. Final copies are due Thursday, June 19. We will do some peer review and then students will complete a self-assessment.

ENG 4C – Grade 12 English: The class is wrapping up course material by finishing a Dystopian Film Review and other outstanding assignments. This week, most students will be assisting with graduation ceremony set-up, too.

NBV 3E – Grade 11 Aboriginal Beliefs and Values: Students in the class are working on their course culminating assignment and any other outstanding work that needs to be completed. There are several students in class who are at-risk in class so it is important that all students see me for updates.

The Graduation Ceremony is this Friday, June 13 at 7PM. Please come and celebrate the success of our students!

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