This Is It! #ENG1D #ENG4C #NBV3E

The last week of classes is upon us. Exams begin next week so I’d like to end the semester with a brief comment:


Thanks to all of my students for making this a great semester. At times it may have been complicated with me being in and out of the classroom so much, but I think you have all accomplished many positives over the course of the semester. I want to wish you all the best of luck on your exams.

ENG 1D Grade 9 English students will wrap things up by finalizing their “Merchant of Venice” literary essays and completing an exam review. The exam for this class is on Tuesday, June 24 from 10am-12noon.

ENG 4C Grade 12 English students will complete any outstanding assignments this week and also complete an exam review. The exam for this class is on Wednesday, June 25 from 10am-1pm.

NBV3E Grade 11 Aboriginal Beliefs & Values students will use the week to complete their Course Culminating Assignment. This is due at the end of the week and is worth 30% of the course’s mark. There is no exam for this class.

It is important to attend class this week to use the time to complete all outstanding work because… this is it. If you need any assistance please see me as soon as possible.

Thanks again and enjoy your last week of class!

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