Second Half of Semester One! #ENG3U #ALC1O #ENG2P

It’s officially the second half of semester one at GCHS! Midterm marks have been finalized and sent to the office, where they will be reviewed before being mailed home. This also marks the official switch of Grade 9s. Students who were with me in Visual Arts for the first half of the semester have been rotated with students who were in Mr. Haslam’s drama class. So, we start from scratch again with a new group!

As always, if you’re looking for information about the progress of a student, please e-mail me and we can go from there. Students are expected to come in at 12:05PM to make up missing assignments.

LATE ASSIGNMENT POLICY: Clear deadlines will be set for all assignments. Students who fail to meet the deadline without prior approval from the teacher due to extenuating circumstances will be deducted 10% of their mark per day (including weekends) up to a zero. Late work may be kept on file for credit rescue at the end of the semester, if necessary. Students who are absent may also email me assignments.

Here’s this week’s class update:

ENG3U Grade 11 English students are taking time to review the first two acts of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. Students are highlighting important lines for each scene and highlighting how the play’s themes are developed. Students will then decipher how the play’s important parts are meant to be performed.

ALC1O Grade 9 Visual Arts students are NEW following the switch between drama and art. Students will spend this week being introduced to some basic principles: The elements of art, the principles of design and colour theory. These are the basic building blocks for creating art projects. This will lead us into the four main units of this half-semester course.

ENG2P Grade 10 English students continue to work with Lord of the Flies. Students are working in small groups to create graphic organizer summaries of the novel’s middle chapters, (Chapters 6-8). Students will then examine how the themes are developed and explored, which will allow us to transition into literary essay writing.

As always, have a wonderful week!

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