Midterms Are Coming… #ENG3U #ALC1O #ENG2P

It’s a busy time in class! Midterms are being prepared next week, which means all outstanding assignments must be handed in by Friday, November 7 to be considered for midterms. Students are responsible for meeting with me to make arrangements if necessary.

ENG3U Grade 11 English students are beginning Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” this week. This play explores the tragic hero, blind ambition, and the mingling of natural and supernatural. It’s a fairly straight-forward Shakespeare play and hopefully students find some enjoyment from the unit.

ALC1O Grade 9 Art students only have FOUR more days of Visual Arts before moving off to drama. A new group of students will be joining the class. Students are working on two final paintings: a watercolour landscape  and an acrylic in the style of Canadian Woodlands art.


ENG2P Grade 10 English students have made it to the halfway point of Lord of the Flies. There are several students who need to make up Quiz #1 for this unit. Students will continue working through the novel this week while also exploring elements of essays. Lots of work ahead!

If you have any questions about the progress of a student or anything going on in class, please contact me via the link on the menu above! Enjoy your week!

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