Last Week of February! #ENG1D

Hey everyone! It’s hard to believe that Spring is a month away considering the frigid temperatures we’ve been experiencing. Will it ever get warmer? Let’s hope so…  There are only three weeks left until March Break, after all! While we wait for the world to defrost, here’s what’s happening in class for the last week of February.

ENG1D Grade 9 English students will be introduced to the second type of essay this week, Descriptive Essays. These essays focus on using the five senses to inform the reader on what is being described. Descriptive essays focus on the following:

  • A clear subject
  • Details! Lots and lots of details!
  • Descriptive words, phrases, and ideas involving all five senses
  • A clear conclusion

In addition, students will begin the Short Story unit this week. In this unit, students will be introduced to a number of short stories. A unit test and culminating assignment will close things off.

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